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With the birth of romance in the Victorian era there was nothing finer than having a pendant necklace which when opened contained a picture of your true love or a lock of their hair. As with rings this sentimental notion coupled with the narrative of some beautiful pieces of jewellery make for desirable purchases for modern lovers. The variation in what is available is huge from single amulets to chains strung with pendants. The range of designs is as broad as your imagination ranging from the simple lockets already mentioned to single precious gems or clusters of all manner of jewels. Antique cameosfrom the Victorian period are particularly popular. With their intricate carving they are small intimate works of art.A cameo is a raised relief generally depicting a profile of a face or a mythical scene and commonly made from shell, coral, stone, lava, or glass and set in a precious metal. All of these beautiful types of antique jewellery make for beautiful things to own and wear and often represent a sound investment with cameos and diamond rings, particularly from the art deco era, considered to be the best investments. But it’s more than that! It’s about owning a small piece of history. It’s about having a story to tell. It’s about being connected to your past, to your heritage, and bringing some of that into your present.